New Experiences

Having been a male player for years, Ted was finally bored, and wanted to try something new. They guy in the mall in the bathrobe had just the thing. He asked Ted if he was open to big changes to end his boredom, and he said yes. When the spell was cast, he suddenly found he was naked, but had boobs and a pussy, and was grabbing cocks of naked guys, as one fondled her new vagina! New desires flooded his very being, and as he looked at the one cock he was handling with his new dainty fingers, he realized he could role with this! This would be a whole new way to experience sex, as a slut. He, or she looked around the room and realized all the guys looked hunky and sexy to her now too, what a change! She never had a gay thought in her life as a man, and now as a woman, she was extremely attracted to dudes! She continued the stroking which led to more and more fun for the new young slut!


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