Miss Dickson

Harry made fun of his health teacher Ms. Dickson, everyday, especially when they got to the sex education chapter. Finally having enough, she made an example out of him in front of the class with her magic. He transformed Harry into Harriet Peters, demonstrating unsafe group sex with five guys for the class! Harriet screamed, but the magic made her take these guys like the demonstrating slut she now was for the class! To make matters worse, the guys were her buddies!

When the session was done, she erased the classes memories of this, including the five guys, but left then new Harriet Peters as she was, a slut, teleporting her with her magic to a nearby whorehouse for her new life as a whore. She wouldn’t have to deal with Harry again, and even though Harry regained control of his sexy new body, he would now have overwhelming urges for guys and cocks, so he wouldn’t be able to resist his new job at the whorehouse.


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