New body new life new career.

Jason had no idea why he was suddenly a woman unto the man had finished.

Why he was suddenly outside on all fours and naked.

Why there was a camera crew filming him & why there was a massive cock in his new pussy pounding away.

But for some reason that large hard throbbing cock sliding in and out of his new pussy and the two large breasts hanging down from his chest swinging backwards and forwards with every movement of his new soft female body did not seem to concern him as he felt so sexually turned on and fired up for the first time in his life.

It wasn’t until after the man shot his load & the director shouted that’s a wrap and he lay on the ground in a sticky hot sweaty mess that he realised he was now a female pornstar and had just been screwed for the first time in his life as a woman in front of about 30 people and a camera and it wasn’t until he got back to his trailer that he heard a news report about the great shift and how it had swapped about 80% of the Earth’s population.

Which explained to Jason what had happened to him.

But unlike a lot of people finding themselves in new bodies and strange situations Jason never claimed his old ID back and was more than happy to live the life of a female pornstar and to be screwed on a daily basis in front of a camera.


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