Direct approach

The young woman downed all the contents of the flask and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.
“That should do it”, she said and began to walk down to the beach at the same time her body proportions changed to become either larger, bigger, taller or longer.
Her bust and behind expanded in size and gave the attractive girl a even more exagerrated womanly contour. Her hair grew several inches and became a thick mane of flowing hair. Sharp eyes could discern that the distance betwen her footprints in the sand increased as she got taller step by step.

The nudist beach. The levelled playing field. No one could ever see if you were rich or poor if you didn´t have any clothes. The only thing you wear was your self-confidence, and it wasn´t hard when you knew you are the alpha.
You did this every summer, drinking the potion to turn you into a woman and play around with your new form. You loved how you, the big man, got transformed into a slender woman. And when you finally hit the nudist beach you drank the rest pof the potion to unleash your body´s full potential.
The nudist beach was the perfect hunting ground for a young good-looking woman like yourself. Every male was naked and instead of go to bars to pick up men and get disappointed when you began to play around in the bed you could here instead choose your ideal fucking partner.
Some of them could be shy and try to hide their delicacies but an innocent oiling of her back solved that every single time.
The guy last month had been a footballer, playing for a university nearby. Her pussy tingled at the delectable memories of his cock ramming her over and over, making her scream his name.
The next guy should have at least the same size, she mused and strutted on the beach, catching several looks from potential candidates.


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