“God dammit our neighbors are always throwing these loud parties with their friends cant they just have A calm night for once!” said Micheal with an angered tone. “calm down honey they’ll settle soon” said his wife “you know what i’m going to do, i’m going to go over there and settle this like A man” Micheal said to his wife as he walked out of the door and towards his neighbors house.
Micheal made his way over to his neighbors house and the noises got louder and louder. Suddenly Micheal started to feel off, as he got closer and closer his body started to feel more and more sensitive and also a bit shorter.
Micheal made it to his neighbors front door and knocked…
Time passed and he knew no one was coming to the door so Micheal opened the door and took A step in, as soon as he did he felt a bit different somehow like his legs were smoother. Another step in and Micheal knew something was up, but he could do nothing he heard the door slam behind him and there were two black men standing around him naked. Micheal looked down to find that instead of being the man he was a few minutes ago he was now a slutty looking blonde woman wearing A purple mini-dress with sexy heels. “how can this b…” was all Micheal could make out before one of the men grabbed him and pulled him into the living room.
The man then proceeded to pull the ‘new’ Micheal on top of his cock rubbing Micheal’s new virgin pussy before Micheal could get up he felt the other man come up behind him and grab his ass pushing Micheal down onto the others cock. Micheal moaned as he felt the cock sliding in and out of his vagina. “Damn man your neighbor’s a slut” he heard one of the men say as another cock rubbed his ass…
In no time Micheal had his mini dress down round his belly while two cocks were drilling his two holes all Micheal could do was sit there moaning as every last part of his mind was fucked away turning him into a slutty whore.
Micheal felt the two cocks bulge as the men got ready to cum inside of him.
He knew he was now in his place as a little blonde bimbo for two well hung black men.


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