Nancy Knockers

“Congratulations, Ned Knight, you are now Nancy Knockers, courtesy of Jugs International, making hot guys hot porn sluts for years. You won the deluxe slut package, massive boobs, a quadruple sex drive, and you now like men. With you prize, you should have little trouble making money for us,” said the recording on the phone.

Ned was on his knees, the weight taking him down as it caught him off guard. He freaked grabbing his huge boobs with his new dainty hand with long pink nails, as he used his other hand to grab at his long mane of brunette hair! He had applied for a raffle at this company, thinking he would get a shot at being in porn. He just never thought it would be like this! He wondered what he would do now, but know what his body wanted to do, as thoughts of well hung studs and their huge cocks were entering his slutty new mind! Soon a rep would arrive to recruit him, well her, back to the company to begin filming!


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