I’ve been a werewoman for several months now, ever since I slept with one and inherited the curse. Every month on the fool moon I go through a painful transformation wherein not only my body shifts and melts into a woman’s, but my mind does too. On those nights I’m not Kevin the office intern trying to get a job, but rather Kelly the party slut. I usually don’t remember much of what I do when I’m Kelly, only that I am guy-crazy. More than once I’ve had to sneak out of a guys apartment in the morning after I changed back.

I don’t know what happened last night but for the first time I woke up not next to some guy. In fact, I was in my house on my couch. What else I found shocked me. I was still a woman. I was amazed as for the first time I was in a female body with my mind in tact. As I tried and failed to remember anything from the night before I realized that this was also the first time I didn’t change back as the sun rose. As my heart started to beat quickly I racked my mind for some explanation. Why was I still a woman, when would I change back? I had to find someone who could help, but who? All of these questions comprised a mystery that I would need to solve.


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