I was just working when my flatmate rushed in my room and told me he had to show me something. He sure looked excited and a bit stressed, so I followed him.
There was some sort of strange device on his desk, plugged to his computer. He also was on his girlfriend’s Facebook profile.
“- Touch it!”
“- What?”
“- The UMD, next to the computer!”
“- Ugh… ok?”
I just agreed, not knowing exactly what this was. UMD meant Ultimate Morphing Device. As soon as I touched this thing, I starting feeling dizzy and passed out. Hopefully, when I came back to myself, I realised I fell on my flatmate’s bed.
“- Hey honey, are you ok?”
“- Why are you call..” I stopped. My voice, what was… I started moving my head, only to see that I was in my underwear. What am I saying? I was in a girl’s underwear, and it fitted me perfectly, what happened?
“- Pretty neat, uh? Go ahead, check yourself out in the mirror”, and so I did. I was now a perfect copy of his girlfriend, and strangely, it felt kind of … natural.
“- Also, I’ve changed your mind a bit as well, hope you don’t mind”
I turned back to face him, trying to look mad but as soon as he smiled at me, I melted… He was so cute!
“- Now, lay on the bed, honey”
And I obeyed. I was now his girlfriend’s replacement, his slave.

But that didn’t stop here. He took it even further. Whenever my girlfriend was coming to see me, he would morph me again — not to my old self, no, but to HIS self! And obviously, he would morph into me, in order to enjoy her presence…
I didn’t mind. Well, I did, but I just couldn’t say anything. He had changed my mind so much, I wonder if I can ever go back to being myself…


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