Sexy revenge

I will make him pay for let me with no friends only to go with the popular ones like Jake Smith the coolest boy in school, Matt didn’t know i had invented a body swap device that let the person in my body thinking like me, and now i’m his Mom the hottest woman in town and the dream of all the boys. Now I’m gonna fuck Jake Smith and then i wanna see if they will be still friends.
“Oh hello Mrs Lane… amm.. are you.. looking for someone? My parents aren’t home…”
“Oh yes.. i can’t resist anymore.. do you think I’m hot? Do you like my big boobs?”
“Ummm.. of course i like them Mrs Lane.”
“Stop it, call me Jane. Now that i see you I’m more horny then ever. Can i come in Jake?”
“Oh Yes Yes you can!”
I wondered how Matt will take it. But i don’t know why but in this body and in this moment i don’t care anymore, i wanna just have sex whith this young and strong boy, I feel so horny. I love my body.


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