My Little Brother has Second Puberty

Me and my younger brother Doug had always been close, he was three years younger than me but we got along great. Still things changed one night when my mom came into my Room. You see Doug had been feeling odd for a few weeks so they had gone to the doctor that morning and now I was getting the news.

“Kyle.” Mom said “Doug has Second Puberty…he…he’s going to start going through some changes, he’ll need you to be there for him.”

Yeah me be there for him, how about someone be there for me. My little kid brother started growing into a little sister. He stayed about the same height but his hair got long and his chest slowly grew into two big tits. Once the changes began to gradually reach their end he started wearing more revealing clothes and showing his breasts off. My friends were always teasing me about how attractive Doug had gotten…and I couldn’t blame them.

It’s really hard to be there for your brother when you just wanna motorboat him.


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