The blue van squealed into the lot, and Timothy shook his long blonde hair and adjusted the woolen scarf around his neck while shivering from the chill.

“Thanks for coming Lenny,” he said, grateful for his friend’s thoughtfulness. “I was getting a bit cold here in my skirt and pantyhose, which is all that the whore left me with, and I really had nowhere to go plus no one to believe my story except for you.”

Lenny calmly sized up this gorgeous blonde and without a word, he picked her up and sat her on the passenger seat, fastened her seatbelt and closed the door while grabbing her leather bag and stowing it away. “Coffee?” he asked, pointing to the cup holder. “It’s hot, I picked it up just for you, and right now you could use some warmth.”

Tim gulped down the coffee and inwardly squealed at how considerate his friend was. “You’re the best, Lenny. I really mean that. If I were a girl, I’d do something more to express my gratitude and…oh wait…” his voice trailed off as he realized what he’d just said. Lenny just kept driving.

“You really do believe what I said, don’t you? I’m your mate Timmy and my body was stolen in the wee hours of the morning.” Timothy felt nervous and vulnerable now as he experienced the odd sensation of the seatbelt rubbing between his two breasts. He’d never felt this exposed before.

Lenny’s voice was calm and assuring. “Relax, Timmy, I believe you and although I must admit that I find you very attractive, I’m not gonna force things. I’ll keep you safe.” Timothy breathed a sob of relief and felt his tits rise and fall, so he clutched his scarf and stifled his tears. Lenny was such a good man.

The car pulled into the driveway and stopped. Lenny turned to him and said: “Timmy, we’re home; my house is your house. You can stay here as long as you need. I won’t bother you for anything…” but Timothy placed a finger on his mouth to shut him up. Over the drive home, he’d reached a decision: the whore was long gone and he was never getting his body back. That was reality. But if he had to be a woman now, then he’d be happy here with Lenny, who had proven himself to be a true friend and a good man.

“Shush, Lenny. Just call me Tammy now and take me,” she whispered as she detached the seatbelt and leaned over to unzip his fly. “It’s warm enough here in the van, and I want you to be my man.” Lenny tried to protest at first but began to groan as she worked his cock into her wet mouth and guided his hand to her skirt. The van began to rock.

“Oh Timmy, I mean, oh Tammy!”


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