My Last trip to the Mens Room

As I was heading to New Orleans to start my new accounting job my car broke down on I-10 just over the Louisiana state line. I called AAA and they sent a wrecker to get me. As the friendly young man took me and my car down seclude bayou roads he asked me what I did for a living and I told him I was an Accountant. He told me that his mom did the books but hated it and she wanted him to find a girl that was good with books and give her grand kids. I agreed that that would be good but hard to find out here and laughed. The young man then complemented me on how easy I was to talk and asked about my family.

I told him my wife of 17 years died and we had not children and that I was all alone now. He said he was sorry and I showed him a picture of my late wife. As we traveled on deeper into the swamp we came to a rural town and he pointed out a girl that he just broke up with. She looked about 18 petite and blonde. He told me that she was the type he liked small breast, short, thin and tight small butt. But his ex was a dumb bitch that hated kids and had no skill with numbers.

We continued to talk as we pulled into his garage parking lot. Then told me to go in and fill out the forms with his mother. I went in and the young man’s mother a dark mystic looking woman started taking my info when her son came in and whispered something in her ear. The woman eyes lit up and looked at me with whole new interest and offered me some tea. I took the glass of tea and sipped it and as we finished the forms I asked to use the restroom. As I pulled my pants up leaving the stall the young man came in and said “CHANGE TO MY NEED”.

The world blurred and I looked in the mirror over the sink and saw a small teen looking back.

“Then Jimmy pulled off all my clothes and fucked me right there in the men’s room, haha. Mama Jones he sure is in a hurry for me to give you grand kids. Now where is todays receipts I need to finish the accounts receivables up before I cook supper.”


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