Moving up in life

I was on a streak of bad luck when the old man found me. I was just getting my life turned around when the factory closed down, and of course the timing was perfect for life to screw me over in the biggest way possible. Long story short, I found myself homeless and struggling just to get food every day. I was well into my forties and my outlook on life was only getting worse. I was over the hill as far as life was concerned. My opportunities were all spent, no one would want to invest in someone like me.
I was on the street begging when the old man dropped a hundred dollar bill in my cup. Amazed, I looked up to thank him. He smiled, looking at me intently, even shifting his position as if to get a look at me from every angle. He began asking me questions about my family. Where they were, any past health problems, were any of them overweight. I was put off a bit by the barrage of questions, but I figured the least I could do in return for his generosity was indulge his curiousity. After what seemed life an our he finished with asking if I would be interested in a deal. A deal he said that could take care of my money problems for the rest of my life. I quickly said yes and found myself being taken to a luxurious high rise apartment.
When we got there, I was in awe at the sheer decadence of the place. The old man snapped me out of my trance as he said he was eager to get down to business but requested I shower first. I agreed, embarrassed at the odor I no doubt possessed. Even the bathroom was luxurious, though I got the feeling a woman lived in the apartment as all the soap and other toiletries were definitely geared towards the fairer sex. After I got out of the shower, I noticed my dirty clothes were gone. The only thing I could find to wear was a silk bath robe. Figuring I couldn’t just go out there naked, I opted to wear it despite it very feminine nature.
The old man smiled as I walked back into the living area. I noticed a piece of paper, a glass full of some sort of liquid that seemed to glow pink, and rather large stack of money on the table. My eyes were glued to the money, wondering just how much there was. The old man coughed to get my attention and started to give me the details of his proposition.
He was very straighforward in his explaination. The liquid in the cup was in fact a potion. A potion that would turn me into a female version of myself. The potion would also cause my age to regress to an eighteen year old. The contract stated that I would live out my life in this female form with a monthly stipend of fifty thousand dollars to spend on whatever I wanted. The apartment we were in would be mine, and upon the old man’s death, I would receive a sizeable inheritance. In return, I would become his young mistress, fulfilling any request he would ask of me, sexual or otherwise. I would also be required to accompany him to events at something called “The Clubhouse”. This he explained was an exclusive sex club ran by himself and his fellow board members.
My mind was reeling from all this information. Signing this contract would make me a sex slave, to an old man no less. Not to mention turn me into a woman (if that were even possible). My eyes went back to the stack of money on the table. I looked back on my life, all the hardships I endured and all that it got me. I was tired of the struggle.
I absent mindedly reached for the money, only to be calmly stopped by the old man. He only shook his head, but I knew what he meant. With a sigh I signed the paper. I picked up the glass and knocked the drink back like a shot. The taste was pleasant and sent waves of warmth throughout my body. There was no pain during the change, nor really any sensation of what was happening other than the world seemingly getting bigger as I shrunk a bit in size. If wasn’t until after the changes had finished that my mind began to register the changes. It really did work. My new body complemented the rober I was wearing much better than my old one. I reached out and claimed my prize. The large stack of money that represented my financial security for the rest of my life.
Without warning the old man ripped off my robe and threw it aside. I had realized he had already discarded of his own clothes. He kissed me hard, pushing me to the floor, the bills scattering as they too fell to the ground. Before I knew it he was in me. He quickly went to work pumping his dick into me while massaging my clit. His mouth found its way to my breast, suckling it tenderly. After the surprise wore off, the only thing I could feel was pleasure. At that point I didn’t care what the consequences were with the contract I just entered. In my eyes, I had just moved up in life and that was worth the price.


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