Karen and Thomas were neighbors living next to each other in their apartaments. Thomas was a rebel type. He mostly wore ripped jeans, black t-shirts with logos of his favorite heavy metal bands, his hair was long and messy. Karen was more conservative. She wore long skirts, she never showed any cleavage and her hair was always done in a ponytail. They were the complete opposites ,so when they swapped bodies by an unknown force their nightmare had begun. As much as they hated it they agrred to impersonate each other. They were able to do so for a week until Thomas saw what Karen did to his body. His hair was short and neat, instead of his standart t-shirt he was wearing a white shirt. His jeans were clean and ironed while his sneakers were replaced by loafers.
“What the fuck?” Thomas shouted. “Well excuse me for making you look like a human being” Karen defended herself. “You made me look like some kind of a corporate rat!” Thomas was furious. “You will thank me later” She said and left ignoring his cursing. “That bitch” Thomas mumbled under his breath “You won’t get away with this”

Next day Thomas went to the mall. Using her credit card he bought all kinds of clothing. Tight jeans and dresses revealing a lot of
cleavage, a few sets of very sexy panties and brass and some high heeled shoes. Next stop was at the barber where he dyed Karen’s black hair into blonde and styled them. Then he went to the beautician to do his nails. When he returned to Karen’s flat he took some online lessons on makeup. After few attempts he was able to do it perfectly. “I’m good at this” Thomas said satisfied. He wasn’t done yet. He scanned the clothes he bought and chose the outfit he thought will fit the most. “Damn girl! You look sexy” Thomas was stunned by the effect. He would never imagined that Karen can be such a hottie. Thomas picked Karen’s cellphone and took a picture. “I wish i could see her face right now” Thomas laughed as he send the photo with the caption “There’s a new party girl in town”


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