More trouble than it was worth.

Jason now going by the name Jessica had been a woman for almost six months now since the great shift caused him to swap bodies with a random woman working out in the same gym as him.

He spent the first few hours in a woman’s body panicking and in denial not truly believing what had happened to him thinking it was some sort of mass hallucination as almost half the people in the gym found themselves in somebody else’s body.

He spent the following few weeks after finding himself in a woman’s body coming to terms with what had happened to him trying to get used to the idea that he was now a woman for the rest of his life.

He slowly started adapting to his new situation he was roughly the same age and thanks to his complete physical he was in perfect health.

He didn’t mean it to happen the way it did but after a couple beers too many he finally let go of the last vestiges of his male self and had sloppy drunk sex with his best friend Bob there and then on the couch.

The next morning they both felt embarrassed about what had happened as they found themselves tangled in each other’s arms with massive hangovers.

They had not spoken about it since that day but when his period was almost a week late he had to nipped to the local pharmacy to buy a home pregnancy test hoping his suspicions were wrong and he was just late due to all the stress he was going through.

He got home and went straight to the bathroom & just as he peed on it the bathroom door opened and his friend Bob entered.

Jason screen get the fuck out of here can’t you see I’m taking a piss a little bit more sharply than he wanted to be as he tried to cover himself up.

Bob just replied I am only getting my contacts and you know I cannot see anything without them before leaving the room.

Jason looked at the pregnancy stick and saw two red lines that indicated he was pregnant something he was not ready for and something he was not looking forward to discussing with Bob as he sat there in shock gobsmacked that one 15-minute drunken grope could change his life so much.


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