We Can Work It Out

I was sitting at home watching TV when suddenly I, wasn’t. What happened? Where am I? What the hell is going on? Wait! I know where I am. That’s Frank’s Deli. I’m just down the street from my apartment. Why is everyone screaming? Why do I feel so different? Who’s that girl looking out Frank’s window? Oh, t’s just a reflection. Reflection? But I’m the only one….NO! IT CAN’T BE! I’m not a girl! I’ve got to get home! I run as fast as I can. This is unsettling. I jiggle and sway in alarming directions. There it is, but I don’t have my keys. It sounds like someone is inside. I yell and bang on the door. I’m starting to panic now and when the door is jerked open, I lose my balance and fall in the apartment. I look up from the floor at a naked, ME! Whoever this ME is must have been exploring my body. We stare at each other for the longest. I’m starting to realize just how big I was and how small I am now. I’m also shocked to realize that this female body likes what It sees. I feel wet in some uncomfortable places. My old body starts to grin and says, ” I expected you to show up sooner or later”. He helps me up and closes the door. I still don’t know what’s happening, but maybe we can work it out together.


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