Misscasted spell

It started when my girlfriend disappeared. She was standing infront of my eyes. She had a weird medallion on her neck, she was smilling, and one second laster she just vanished. The event nearly drove me insane, plus, no one seemed to remember her, not even her parents, I was the only one who still remembered her.

I looked through all kind of info: magic, alien abduction, government experiments, but nothing helped me understand what happened that day. A couple of weeks later, I was looking at my bathroom mirror, when I noticed one of my eyes had changed color. Immidiately after I couldn’t see with that eye. I was confused, the eye doctor said nothing was wrong with my eye, that my vision should be working as normal.

One week later I noticed my hair was a bit longer than usual, so I got a hair cut, The next morning, my hair was even longer than before the cut. I decided to call in sick, I kept feeling I was going insane. I decided to play some random game on my phone, when I noticed my right hand was different, It looked like a girl’s hand. I tried to move it. But I could no longer control that hand. It mover by itself and started masturbating me. I tried to stop it, But it didn’t stop until I came.

I stepped up, and tried to get out of my appartment, but my feet weren’t responding either. I looked at them, and they looked like girl’s feet and legs. They even looked my girlfriend’s feet. I looked at my other hand, and it now looked like a girl’s hand too. My body got up, walked to the mirror again, and made me look at myself, I looked like a mix between myself and Emily, my girlfriend. I must have stood there for hours, I saw how I grew breasts, and how my penis retracted inside my body. Only my left eye and my mouth looked like me, everything else looked like Emily. A few minutes later I noticed my mouth change shape into hers. Finally. My eye started to change color, and I lost my sight.

A few minutes later, I opened my eyes, I was sitting in bed. I tried to say something, I couldn’t, all that came out was “Sorry Tom, I hope you understand, I misscasted a spell, we were supposed to swap bodies for a couple of days, but sadly I desintegrated myself. It has taken me this long to come back and adjust your body to mine. Don’t be scared, even though you will be gone, and no one will remember you, I will let you experience life as me”. We looked back to the mirror and smiled.


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