Changing her mind

My girlfriends wants to wait until we get married to have sex. She so old school, I just didn’t want to wait. My best friend knew about this, and told me the same thing used to happen between him and his girlfriend. He gave her a purple ice pop and in no time she wanted to have sex with him.

I took his advice, I went to the store he told me about and bought the ice pop.

Later that night, at my girlfriend’s place, I gave her the ice pop. She thanked me for the gift, and started sucking it. She said it tasted a bit weird.

She looked at me. And at that moment, everything went dark. I felt like I was being pulled out of my body and into hers.

When I openned my eyes again. I sucked the ice pop again “It tastes better on the second try…you know… all this sucking is giving me some ideas” I said, I took my blouse off and pressed my breasts. “you like them? they are huge right? want to suck them?” I don’t know what possessed me, but suddenly I felt like fullfilling all my boyfriend’s fantasies.


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