Mindy is Happy

Matt woke up as Mindy and could never be happier. He hadn’t even gotten out of bed nor to a mirror, and already was smiling at the results after pleading with the fortune teller at the carnival that he wanted to be a she. He loved his new soft smooth skin, breasts, and parts below as well. A tingle went throughout him as he touched his new clitoris so gently with his longer nails. He had thrown off the pink sweater he woke up in to see his breasts, but would put that back on before going out, it did go well with his jeans and heels. Speaking of heels, perhaps he should practice first on a brisk walk to the mirror, to see if he or now she could walk like a lady in heels and not stumble. Later as she strutted up town, she was noticing the men more it seemed, and looking at some of the woman with jealousy now. Perhaps the new Mindy was changed more than she realized. She had until the end of the carnival to get changed back if she desired, after that it would be permanent. She winked at one of the male runners across the street from her, thinking now was the time to try everything, but, also deep down knew her decision was final, and it wouldn’t break her heart of the carnival was already gone.


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