Mind and Body

Joe and Tyler had a long argument on night about which had a greater impact on people’s decisions, their minds or their bodies. Joe was decidedly in the mind category, believing people made choices based on reason and rationality. Tyler didn’t disagree necessarily, but he thought body chemistry had a lot more to do with it. As their argument got more heated Tyler proposed a hypothetical situation. Say Joe was transformed into a girl, would his body chemistry make him now be attracted to guys, or would his mind make his a lesbian?

Joe of course argued that he would be a lesbian of course, and wished he could prove that to Tyler.

Of course what he didn’t know was that Tyler was a wizard. A few quick words and Joe was suddenly Jane. Jane calmed down once Tyler told her she had a week to prove her point. Not entirely sure what that meant, Jane headed off to bed. There she was disturbed by what she discovered. The smell of her old male body in the bed was turning her on! She was so horny she couldn’t sleep, and ended up diddling herself to her first ever female orgasm right then and there.

Of course what she didn’t know is that as a wizard who liked to transform people, Tyler knew full well that body chemistry could play a more or less significant role in how people reacted to things. To prove his point he’d given Jane a body which was particularly sensitive to male pheromones, and pretty horny on top of that. He heard her moan and gasp as she masturbated that night and smiled, knowing he was going to win this bet. After she’d passed out he snuck into her room and used his magic to turn all Joe’s clothes into girl clothes.

Jane went to work as a volunteer tutor the next day. She thought about not going, but she really wanted to prove Tyler he was wrong. She was slightly peeved to find all of her clothes changed, but in the end it made things easier. It was a `come one come all’ style of tutoring session so she could just show up and no one would ask any questions.

Guys flocked to her for help of course. She knew why, but tried to ignore it. Just like she tried to ignore how good they all smelled. Being surrounded by so many young men was turning her on, and she hated it. She tried to help them anyways, but at the end of the day she couldn’t tell if she’d done anything other than given them a new girl to fantasize about while they jacked off.

She got home, feeling horny and noticed Tyler wasn’t there. She wanted to masturbate badly, but didn’t know when he’d be back. Instead she decided to try and calm her raging mind with alcohol.

Tyler got home from the gym an hour later and found a pretty tipsy Jane watching TV. She looked at him as he entered with a quick, hopeful glance, then blushed and turned back to staring at the TV. Still in his sweaty gym clothes he sat down on the couch next to her. She was clearly struggling to stay focused on the TV. He put his hand on her thigh and she turned her head. He kissed her.

It took no time at all for him to have her bent over and be fucking her from behind while she moaned and screamed. Tyler knew he was going to win the bet, but realized they’d never agreed what he’d win. As he felt his dick plow into her tight snatch, he decided he’d keep Jane for awhile. They had good chemistry.


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