Megan Love Dixon Part 5

Lee Beaver came over to watch the wrestling Pay-Per-View with Randy, but he was loud and had a big mouth while there. He blurted out something about Megan’s name.

“Yo, Megan, or is it Megan Love Dixon? With a name like that you would be a great diva in wrestling, and the wrestler’s and fans alike would love that name like you are hinting at what you love, ha, ha, ha, ha,” said Lee.

Megan was mad and when Lee went upstairs to the bathroom, casted the spell of poetic justice. Lee had just gotten out of the bathroom after peeing, but little did he know this would be the last time he would pee standing up! He felt weird and sat down on Randy and Megan’s bed, his ass feeling huge and wide like two big pillows as he sat. His hair got long and was in an up do, and his body shifted and shrank and got larger in places. His wrestling shirt was still on but shrank to fit his new form better, and that was all he was wearing now except some thong panties and his old glasses! He lifted the shirt up afraid of what he might find, feeling the immense boob weight now adorning his narrower chest. Under it he found two pert boobs, no bra even! He noticed how small his arms and hands were now too, with the long white nails he had also. After his new hands raced for his crotch to find his new vulva! Lee yelped, then caught his plump new lips realizing his voice was different too, and stopped to suppress it.

His cell phone which was in his pants pocket was now on the bed, vibrating. Lee answered it freaking out, catching a bit of his reflection on the phone! He looked like a chick! He answered, and a wrestling official said he started Monday as a diva, calling him Leanne Sharon Beaver. The man said he would be a mild mannered backstage secretary, Leanne Beaverson, and out in the crowed and in the ring, Sharon Beaver, the diva! Like an alter ego gimmick to make his debut in the sport of pro wrestling. The man also said two security agents were coming to pick him up to get him to the plane so he could be ready to get to work Monday morning.

Lee, now apparently Leanne, hung up, and heard the door pounding downstairs. Soon up came Randy and the two security agents to pick up the new diva for her flight! She pleaded she wasn’t Leanne, but they just hauled her downstairs and out the door to the limousine. Randy and Megan waved by, and with this new reality of course, the only two remembered Lee were Megan and Lee. Randy altered with this reality thought Leanne was always Leanne and a friend of Megan’s over to visit. Megan laughed as they drove off with the new diva pounding on the limousine window! She would have to use her big mouth to appease the fans now in the ring, instead of using it to insult Megan while visiting her buddy Randy in their own home, who was now not even her buddy in this changed reality.


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