Meet Me at the Train Station

Jenna told Glen to meet her at the train station, she had a surprise for him. When he got there, suddenly he was staring at himself, from Jenna’s body no less!

“What gives Jenna? I’m… I’m… YOU! I have… BOOBS! I have a… oh no, and I think I’m wearing pantyhose under this skirt. A skirt, I’m a girl in pantyhose and a skirt! I’m Jenna. What did you do Jenna? Why did you switch us,” said Glen disturbed.

“Well, Glen, I wanted to see how the other half lives for a day, so I used a spell I found in my grandma’s attic in one of her old magic books. Is this great or what? I mean look at me I’m a fippin’ DUDE! I can’t believe this! I have a thingy down there now, I feel so big, so tough, so strong. This is amazing. I’ll see you tomorrow at the same place, try and have fun with this and don’t be made. You have fun I my body, I’m sure you’ll have some new experiences being a girl now,” said Jenna before walking off.

“Jenna wait?! What am I supposed to do as a girl? Ugh… that Jenna, always doing something goofy, but this tops the cake. I can’t believe I’m sitting here AS her, as a chick! More hair than I’m used to, these things on my chest, and that thing down that, I’m afraid to even look at! Wow, and these tiny feet of mine, wow they feel so sweaty for some reason. It must be these hose and shoes in the heat, my feet need to breath a bit. I can’t believe this,” said Glen in Jenna’s body.

Glen kicked off the flats, and put the left one to his new nose. The look on his face said it all as he sniffed the shoe out of curiosity after feeling how sweaty his foot was in it. The shoe smelled like sweaty cheesy feet, now his feet, his girl feet. Then the train arrived. Glen seen a train ticket sitting in his new purse, and grabbed it then slipped his shoes back on, his feet air dried a bit after being out of the shoes. Soon they felt hot again, as he walked to the train and gave the ticked to the engineer.

He thought he would take the train back to town and find Jenna in his body, but didn’t read the ticket. It was for a nearby town where the train stopped near a male stripper club. Glen didn’t know this until he, well SHE got out of the train. She was about to get back in the train, but some of Jenna’s friends dragged her in there, thinking it was the real Jenna.

“Jenna are you ready for some fun? The guys here not only strip, but they will do wild other things too. This will be great, so many studs,” said Jenna’s friend Jess.

Glen as Jenna tried to protest, but they were too excited almost pulling her into the club. What happened next was so strange. Maybe it was Jenna’s body for partly her mind, but Glen looked at these guys in a whole new light. They actually looked good to him! He was getting attracted to the naked male dancers! How could this be? He was a straight guy, never had a gay thought in his life, now he was looking at men like he was a kid in a candy store! This had to been Jenna’s doing, this was intentional to really make her see how the other half lives. She was experiencing what it was like to be female and attracted to guys.

After spending a lot, and blowing three guys, Jenna was leaving with her friends. They said goodbye to her, and Jenna realized this was a strange night, and couldn’t believe how hot guys could be when you are a horny straight girl. She went for the train, and returned. Instead of going to his old house or Jenna’s house, he sat there all night into the morning waiting on Jenna.

Finally as Jenna returned in Glen’s body, Jenna yelled, telling her to come over so they could talk. Unfortunately this distracted Jenna long enough that she walked in front of the train not looking! Before Glen’s new eyes, he seen his former body, and any chance of regaining his manhood gone before his new female eyes! His body was destroyed by the train, and sadness set in as he realized Jenna had just died, in his body, but died none-the-less! His new femininity made him cry like a baby, thinking about poor Jenna, and his new situation as well. He would almost have to live as Jenna now, no one was ever going to believe they swapped bodies, and this would be the safest way to move on at this point. Glen would be pronounced dead, and Jenna living on, only with Glen in her beautiful body now.

Glen realized he liked the shoes and the hose Jenna wore, but would start using Dr. Scholl’s powder on her pretty feet, so they smelled as good as they looked, shoes on or off.


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