May the best (wo)man win

John signed up to go on the Naughty Nation’s new reality show because he thought he’d get to fuck a lot of chicks. It was a porno channel, right? Besides, if he could avoid getting voted off there was half a million and a guaranteed five year contract as a porn star with the Naught Nation.

When he showed up and there were just 8 guys at the contest house he was pretty disappointed. At least he could still have a chance at the money. They were given some champagne and toasted to the best man winning.

When they all started writhing on the ground, they knew something was up. Their nanite spiked champagne quickly reshaped each of their bodies. The camera’s rolled on of course, making sure to capture each of their changes in detail. In minutes it was over and 8 women in men’s clothes lay on the floor gasping for breath. That was when the rules of the game were explained to them.

They’d all stay in the contest house. They were each allowed three orgasms. After their third orgasm they’d turn back into a guy. Each orgasm would be harder to achieve, with the difficulty further increasing as the number of women dropped. Further everyone, men and women, would get hornier everyone in the house would get hornier each day.Last woman standing won.

Three guys dropped out on the first day. Two of them paired up and lezzed out to turn back and a third masturbated. That was when things got interesting. All the remaining females felt a primal attraction to the men in the house.

Now it was day six. John was one of only two women left and was getting pounded in the shower, pressed up against the glass shower wall.. The guy was pounding her and it felt incredible, but she didn’t know if he’d be able to push her over the edge to her second orgasm. She’d managed to hold out pretty long and last time it had taken two guys fucking her at the same time to get her to cum.

What John didn’t know was that on the far side of the house her one remaining opponent was in a gangbang with all five other guys, being driven to her second and then soon after her third orgasm at the same time.

What John ALSO didn’t know was that when she won she’d be stuck with her horny, hard to please female body. Good thing the Naught Nation shot porn videos 24/7, cause their new starlet would need it.


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