Making Fun No Longer

Grant would have to make fun of himself now, after he poked fun of the girl with the bouncy big natural boobs at the mall. She muttered some words, and poof, he was suddenly female with a chest so heavy he had to sit down at the furniture store there! Shocked and stunned Grant was freaking out, his chest super heavy and mega huge!

His friends didn’t care he changed, and made fun of him catcalling and grabbing what they could of his massive new chest. The girl came over and told him welcome to the club. She said his new size was 32P and he was stuck like this for good! He ended up having to become a stripper to make ends meet, as his parents didn’t believe it was him! He was made fun of all the time, and was even worse when he had to run to the store and get PMS medicine and tampons, and the pharmacist would try to grab his tits.


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