Magic wand fun

You found the magic wand at a garage sale with a hand written note taped to it. It was $5 so why not. It was a pretty nice looking wand, and though the piece of paper had “spells” written on it, you thought you could make use of it as part of a costume you were thinking about using.

When you got home you looked at the paper. It said it had a spell on it to turn the target into a cat with some weird words under it. On a whim you waved it at your dog and said the words. You leapt back as your dog yowled and shrank down into a small cat. It seemed very scared and ran straight out the doggie door. You stared at the wand and then back at the piece of paper. The words on the note shifted before your very eyes and a new spell appeared, “Transform target into sexy female” with some other weird words beneath it.

You thought about it for awhile. This was too incredible, too wild. But you were also curious… It could be fun to be a sexy chick for awhile. I mean, you’d fantasized about it before enough times, now was your chance, right? You pointed the wand at yourself and said the words.

You gasped as your cock got hard and shriveled down to nothingness. At the same time you stared at the wall as a poster you’d hung there got higher and higher up as you shrank by nearly a foot. You felt a weird pressure behind your nipples and your chest ballooned out into two exquisite boobs. You got a good look at them as your shirt shifted into a purple tank top. You immediately laid down and started playing with them.

“MMmhhh ohhh…” You groaned as you rubbed your nipples through the thin fabric of the shirt the wand had made for you. You pinched them and watched them grow erect as you felt a sudden tight wetness in your new feminine crotch. You were so hot, and so horny. It would only be after hours of exploring and playing with your new body that it occurred to you that you might not be able to change back. You looked at the paper and saw that it now had a spell to enlarge a person’s boobs. You’d have to keep casting spells until you found one to turn you back to normal. And sure, big as your boobs were, you were still a guy deep down inside, so there was no way you were NOT going to cast that breast enlargement spell on yourself, but what if the spell after that would turn you into an animal or something?

Then you’d be stuck like that, and that would be no good. Your dog-cat had run off. You were going to have to find some other targets for these spells. You glanced over at your cell phone and pondered who to call…


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