Lunch Break.

Justin had no idea that he was being watched by Ted from a counting who was curious what all the noise was that was coming from Justin’s cubicle.

Justin was too busy to notice as he had his face buried deep into his colleagues Sandra’s crotch enjoying the taste of her wet pussy as it mingled with his cherry lip balm.

Which intern turned him on and made him feel like there was a waterfall in his knickers.

He was one of those men that was transformed into a woman by the great shift who saw more positives than negatives from what had happened to him.

Yes he was now a woman with the tastes of a woman and yes he did enjoy a good screwing by a well built man but every now and then he just fancied a change and he knew his colleague Sandra who was unaffected by the great shift was bisexual and she would not say no to him in his current body.

But he soon found out he rather be a giver then be a taker and much preferred going down on her then having her going down on him.

Ted meanwhile was still stood there unable to stop watching them as it was making him feel wet and clammy and he just wanted to join in as it looks so much fun but was too nervous to pluck up the courage to ask if there was room for a third one so he just stood there perving on them and getting ever wetter still curious about his own sexual changes after becoming a woman.


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