Lucky Break

The moment I realized what was happening, I immediately lost my nerve. The potion that I had been brewing for days — no weeks — was supposed to transform me into a stud that would finally be attractive enough to score Ashley, the hottest girl in school.

I thought I had followed the directions to the finest detail, but I knew the spell was touchy. I drank the vial and whispered the incantation, but as the poof of smoke settled and I looked down at my new body, I knew I had fucked up. I didn’t look like a man who could finally bag Ashley… I actually WAS Ashley! Down to the last feature, even her ponytail and cute cheerleading outfit. “Shit.”

I tried to rush out of the boys locker room and find my way home, maybe there I could find another spellbook with a reversal charm, but as I scrambled out into the hall I was spotted by the last person on earth I wanted to see right now: Ashley herself. I turned to run, but it was already too late. “Wait, hold up!” She shouted angrily. Crap, what would I say if she caught me?

I sprinted as fast as her legs could take me out into the parking lot. Luckily I had left my jeep unlocked, so I made my way to the car and prayed that I had lost Ashley in the process… but she was too quick. She struggled the door open behind me and wrestled her way into the car too, but where I had expected a swift slap to the face or an onslaught of verbal abuse, I was pleasantly surprised. She planted a big, wet kiss on my new feminine lips.

Soon we had each other nearly out of our matching uniforms as we sucked and caressed every inch of each other’s bodies. She was narcissistic beyond belief and leapt at the chance to fuck a twin of herself. I couldn’t protest, I was finally at the hands of my dream girl. Maybe that potion worked after all.


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