Losing its grip

I don’t exactly know what happened. I was looking at myself in the mirror when I felt like if some electrical current went through my body. I fell to the floor in pain. I started shaking, my whole body was burning, I took off all my clothes as fast as I could, trying to cool my body down.

I looked at the mirror again, and saw my reflection, my face looked different, quite feminine, with long blonde hair. I looked down, and saw as my chest expanded, forming two round breasts. I looked down, and saw how my equipment changed it texture. It looked made out of plastic. The thing just fell to the floor, leaving a new formed pussy behind. I don’t know if it was part of the process, but I started hyperventilating. I felt my bones crack, and the rest of my body reshape. I finally passed out from all the pain I had endured.

When I woke up. I was happy it had only been a dream. But my hopes disappeared when I saw my reflection once again. I was a woman. And a really hot one. I quickly looked for some clothes to wear. Thankfully my girlfriend had left some of her clothes last night. I put some rainbow coloured socks on, and a red top. I was about to put some panties on, when I saw what used to be my cock lying on the floor. I grabbed it, it felt like rubber. “I can’t believe this use to be part of me” I said, hearing for the first time my high pitched feminine voice. I couldn’t believe how sexy I sounded.

I don’t know what came into my mind, but I guess I just wanted to know what being a woman felt like. So I took a small lick. “This isn’t so bad” I thought. “I guess it is now a rubber dildo” I said. That just made me a little wet. I looked down, and saw my clit erect. I couldn’t believe I was actually thinking about it. I was imagining how good it would feel to have it inside my pussy, which made me feel more wet. Scared, I threw the dildo away from me. I hit the mirror with it. It didn’t fall, the erect dildo was stuck there. It felt like it was calling me. I got on all fours, and slowly, guided it inside my pussy. I felt how it made its way inside of me. As a reaction, I started thrusting back and forth. “It feels so good” I yelled. “I don’t want to go back. I want to be a woman forever” I kept yelling.

I never learned why the change happened, and apparently I was the only one to suffer this fate. It took some time for my family to adjust to the new me. I had no id, no social security number, nothing, thank god my parents had a friend who helped me get a new identity. I changed my name to “Katherine” and moved to a new town, where I started studing at a different college.

Back home I used to be a perfect A student, and now, I am the college slut.


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