Look at me

At first it was a shock to suddenly be in his wife’s body, but Werner imagined there were much worse fates, so he took it all stoically.

His wife Agnetha had some chip on her shoulder and complained constantly about the pains of being a woman in a man’s world, and he’d agreed that changes needed to be made. The rest was a bunch of muttered Wiccan nonsense. But the next thing he knew, Werner found himself sitting in the living room with a flimsy red shirt and his breasts prominently exposed. He looked at a grinning man who was a carbon copy of the man he’d used to be.

(So that’s how she wants to play it, eh? Werner mused inwardly. Okay then, let’s play.) Before his new man could speak, he sat his new body and clutched left hand over right. “Look at me sweetie, just look at me.” His male body complied with a grunt and nod of appreciation. “What does a woman need, after all?” The new Werner was obsessed with his cock and couldn’t answer.

“Fine then. Get out of this house and stay out until I get a real man. Ta Ta,” he said, flipping his brunette hair and flimsy clothing.

No man was gonna humiliate her.


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