Life changing job

It was another dull day at my job as a pizza delivery guy. I was just an average teenage boy who needed some money so i took this job even if i hated it.
This particular day i had a delivery that changed my life forever. It was a medium sized house but it looked expensive, probably belonged to a lawyer or a doctor.
The owner of this house was a well kept man in his late 20’s, he offered i should come in while he would look for his wallet to pay for the pizza.
After waiting few minutes i started to wander around the room watching it carefully.
Soon i started to feel uncomfortable in this place. I was hot, my head felt heavy and i though i will throw up any second now. I decided to get some air but i couldnt move. A tingling sensation went down my spine causing me to shiver.
My pants started to feel a bit tighter as my hips began to widen, my but got bigger and my legs slimmed down making my lower half look like it belonged to a young woman. I started to panic as i felt my body changing all over. My hands were now very feminine and my hair grew longer and changed colour to blond. I wanted to scream but my lips were sealed. I noticed that my body was different, much more slender and feminine than before. Next i felt big presure in my chest i looked down and saw my chest expanding forming a pair of two round breasts. Then my penis started to shrink until it dissapered inside me creating a vagina. When i though it’s finally the end my belly swelled till it looked like i was six month’s pregnant. I almost screamed when i feelt something moving inside.
Then my clothes changed to fit my new female apperance. The transfomation was complete and i was finally able to move. I looked at myself not believing my eyes. I turned into a pregnant woman, that’s just imposible.

“So it worked. You’re back” i heard a voice behind me causing me to jump out of fear. It was the owner of this house and he was becoming familiar to me. His name was Mark and he was my husband, i was Lisa his wife and we were expecting our first baby.
“Don’t be afraid my dear, soon you will adapt to it” he said slowly walking towards me. I tryed to escape, i was terrified but when he aproached me i became calm. When he warped his one hand around my lower back and put his second on my tummy i feelt safe and loved. I leaned towards him and we kissed. I couldn’t help but smile big as did Mark. I knew this life would be better and i was looking foward to be his wife and a mother of his childern.


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