Leaving prison a little bit wider.

Simon was convicted of armed robbery and got 25 years behind bars.

He was not afraid of going to prison he was big strong and tough and had a reputation that followed him everywhere.

His first night in the slammer was no hardship to him it wasn’t like it was his first time behind bars.

But this prison was slightly different to anyone he had been in before they had a new procedure for dealing with difficult inmates & before he could start any trouble the warden signed him up to their new program.

So on the second day of his incarceration he woke up in the body of a young woman in the counties female prison terrified for the first time in his life.

He was drag through the prison naked to the warden’s office were they explained to him that he was going to serve his sentence in that body in this prison and if he stepped one foot out of line it would be another year added to his sentence.

He was dragged down to the showers to clean himself up where he met another beautiful young woman who used to be just like him tough and hard but now was small frightened and humiliated.

he showered trying to ignore the new feelings of joy running through his body as he massaged his own breasts and vagina so wrapped up in what he was doing he did not notice a guard enter the shower block.

The guard was so turned on by Simon’s exploration of his new body that he whipped out is hard and throbbing cock and told him he was going to take what he was given unless he wanted another year added to his sentence.

Simon did not want to do this disgusting and foul thing as he was a man even though he did not look like it as he knelt down and gently started to suck on the head of the man’s erect cock at first hating every inch of it but as his new female body started flooding his brain with female hormones it didn’t seem so bad.

But that was just the start of the humiliation and degradation he would have to put up with for the next 25 years


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