Leave me alone I’m getting ready!

This was James’s first trip with his friends since the great shift left him in a female body.

He was not really looking forward to the pool party they were invited to but his friends were all excited to go.

He knew everybody was waiting on him to finish getting ready.

They could not believe how long he was taking just to slip-on a bathing suit.

He stood in front of the mirror in his one piece bathing suit not sure that he was ready for this.

Not sure that he was ready for everybody to see his body in such detail as he made sure he had trimmed all the right areas and everything was nice and smooth which was a bigger pain in the ass than he had expected.

Annoyed by the tight fitting nature of his bathing suit that was leaving nothing to the imagination as his friends complained and told him to hurry up.

He was annoyed that none of them really understood what he was going through as none of them had swapped genders in the great shift as he took one final look at his body in the mirror before unlocking the door and asking his friends if he looked alright?

He took their silence and wide-eyed stairs as a yes even though it freaked him out a bit the way they were staring at him as they all finally headed off to the pool party.


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