TG store

The TG store was incredible. It has all kinds of magical clothing, candy, wishing coins, jewellery, cream, remote controls, computer software and much more. And the best part is it will change your gender.
I walked in one day just for a look. I heard from a friend that this new store had opened and I couldn’t resist. It was one of those things that you had to see to be believed. I went purely for a look. I didn’t want to be a woman at all really, absolutely no intention.
But when I was looking through the magical clothing section this dashing red skirt caught my eye. It was so nice. I don’t know why I did what I did next but I tried it on. I was quite simply captivated by a mere piece of fabric.
When I slipped the skirt on all the hair on my legs diminished. My legs loose muscle and the skin becomes smooth. My feet shrink dramatically and become feminine. Then much of my body fat from my legs is diverted to create a female ass. Then I feel a pulling sensation as my male genatailia retracts to become a vagina. I slide my hand down to check and I do, indeed, have a clean-shaved vagina.
I step back to observe myself. My legs were stunning. I’d never seen better legs. So smooth and long. I sat on the bench that was in the dressing room. I crossed my legs to see how it felt. It felt good. My thighs could be tight against each other with the former discomfort of squashing things unexistent. Not only did that make sitting more comfortable but my rear end was like a seat cushion. This was awesome.
However, the top half of my body remained male. It was then that I came to the realisation that I would have to find a shirt or something for this half to change.
I walk out of the dressing room and see a sign that reads: “for a more satisfactory transformation select clothes that go together nicely”. Taking the advice on board I take a white shirt. I go back to the dressing room and slide it on.
Soon I had no body hair and my arms were thin and delicate. My waist thinned and hips widened to give a feminine figure. Long brunette hair sprung from my head and my facial features became that of a beautiful young woman. Soon two fleshy mounds protruding from my chest created small breasts.
I stepped back to observe myself. I was beautiful. I walked out of the store as a woman after I had walked in a man. It was never my intention to become a woman but I couldn’t be happier about being one.

I’m happy to do requests about the TG store if anyone is interested. Requests would be much appreciated because it would assist me greatly.


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