Last Chance

Me: *Picture Uploaded Successfully*

Me: “Hey! Do you like what you see? ;)”

Chance: “Dude what the hell are you doing?!”

Me: “Just answer the question!!!”

Chance: “I mean yeah you look super hot but this is really weird man!”

Me: “So you are telling me that it is weird to think a girl is super hot just because she used to be guy? I never knew you were so close minded ;)”

Chance: “Look Chris you know I’m not close minded but still…”

Me: “But nothing! Here’s how this is going to go: First my name is Kristi now, I can’t be a Christopher with boobs like this. Second, you are going to get your ass over here and fuck me. I have been stuck like this for well over a month now and I have given up on trying to change back. The last few days all I have been able to think about is sex and guys, idk if this means I’m a slut or if this is just a side effect of the transformation, all I do know is I need it bad. So, since we are friends I figured I’d give you first offer, but I am not above heading to a bar to “get picked up” if you know what I mean lol”

Chance: “Wow. Holy shit! Are you serious?”

Me: “Well duh genius! My door is unlocked and I will be laying face down on the bed with my ass up (your fave position am I right?). You have 30 min. This is your last… Chance ;*”


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