“Thick” Epilogue 2

“Hey, you’re the one who said you needed some clothes,” Cheryl said, trying to get Jolene to come outside.
“Ugh, fine, but this is a bad idea…” Jolene stepped outside and tried to pose in the outfit Cheryl had bought her. It was barely clothes: just a stretch of fabric that went around her large body, extending from just below her waist, to just above her nipples. “You know this isn’t what I asked you to get!”
“Honey, do you really think they make bras in your size? And I’m sorry, but I really don’t want to pay to get some custom ones for you. Just let the girls hang out like that! I somehow doubt you’ll hear many complaints,” Cheryl retorted, gazing longingly into Jolene’s massive cleavage.
“Really? You think I should just leave them like this? Well watch then…” Jolene said, raising her arms slightly over her shoulders. Her tits popped out almost immediately.
“See?” she said, tucking them with difficulty back into the “dress”. “I can’t go out like this.
“Sure you can! Just don’t lift your arms up. Or bend over. You’ll be fine!”
Before Jolene could utter another word of disagreement, Cheryl grabbed her by the hand, and led her down the sidewalk. Jolene was too focused on keeping everything tucked in that she didn’t even argue.


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