Keeping Track

“So, it’s been 24 hours, are you going to turn me back?” Jane, formerly Joe asked of his girlfriend Cassie.

24 hours ago, after some sex, Joe and Cassie had been talking. It had been some pretty passionate love making and Cassie had been screaming pretty loud. Joe casually said he wished his orgasms were that good. Cassie wiggled her nose and POOF! Suddenly Joe was turned into Jane, a pretty girl with a small bust. Cassie promised she’d turn Jane back the next day.

“Not yet, you have to tell me how you thought the orgasms were.” Cassie said with a smirk. She wasn’t really in to chicks, much to Jane’s disappointment, but she’d heard Jane moaning in the shower that morning before she left for work.

“Nice.” Jane said, “Now turn me back.”

“Did you really enjoy them though? How many did you have besides the one in the shower? Girls can go more than once you know.” Cassie teased Jane.

“Just the one.” Jane blushed and avoided Cassie’s gaze, “Can I have my dick back now?”

Cassie pursed her lips and cocked her head at Jane, “I know that look! You’re lying! How dare you lie to me!?”

“Come on, this has been weird, turn me back now.” Jane complained.

“How many orgasms did you have?”

“Fine, two. Now turn me back.” Jane said sheepishly and continued to avoid Cassie’s gaze.

“You little LIAR!” Cassie fumed, upset that Joe wasn’t being honest.

“Ok, three.” Joe said nervously and turned to meet her gaze. Cassie stared at him with a scowl.

“Oh, we’ll find out the truth now. I’m going to make your tits grow a cup size for every orgasm you had!” Cassie said and wiggled her nose.

“Cassie- NNOO-oooo!” Jane said as her tits rapidly swelled on her chest. She pulled down her top to try and relieve some of the pressure, but they just kept going.

Jane, having been Joe most of her life, was quite unfamiliar with sensations in the female body. He had in fact, not been lying when he said three. The trouble was, each of those orgasms had in fact been a multiple orgasm. As his tits finished swelling from B to F cups, all she could do was stare down at the incredible new weight on her chest.

“Oh my god! You little slut, I wanted you to find out what it was like to be a girl and all you did all day was stay home and masturbate! Well I’ll tell you what, you can stay that way! Call those tits an added perk!” Cassie fumed and stormed out of Jane’s apartment.

All Jane, formerly Joe could do was blink and stare at the biggest pair of tits she’d ever seen as they hung from her chest. She’d need a new bra before she could confront Cassie again.


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