“Haha! This is like a dream!” Josh laughed to himself as he jiggled his newly acquired breasts in front of the mirror to his own amusement.

Earlier, Josh had been watching his hot neighbour Jenny from his his bedroom window. She was bent over doing some gardening, her glorious round ass high in the air. “God damn, Jenny is fucking hot!” Josh thought to himself. Jenny had been the focus of lust for Josh ever since he went through puberty, and had masturbated to her more times than he could count. Jenny’s ass wiggled and jiggled in such a sexy way. Josh wished he could just reach out and grab it!

Suddenly Josh was bent over starring at some flowers with dark silky hair swirling around his face. He let out a feminine gasp and stood up only to feel the strange shifting weight of boobs moving on his chest. He looked at the delicate hands he now possessed and slowly groped his new breasts, sending a pleasant thrill down his spine. “No fucking way…” He said in Jenny’s sweet voice. Josh practically ran into her house and up to her room to find a mirror.

As if in a trance, Josh starred at his reflection, mouth open wide in shock. He stripped off Jenny’s clothes one piece at a time, putting on a show for himself. He posed, jiggled, and caressed her body until he became aware of an unfamiliar heat in his crotch. One hand tentatively explored his damp lower lips as his eyes rolled back in his head, overwhelmed with sudden pleasure.

Josh would later find out that he was a body hopper with the ability to possess anyone. However, at the moment, it all felt like a wonderful dream.


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