It’s bad enough it’s between my legs!

Jason was not enjoying his time in his girlfriend’s body.

He never believed in body swapping until it happened to him.

He never knew his girlfriend Sarah had the ability to do this but here he was in her body serving her time Behind Bars for several small parking fines, assaulting a police officer and not turning up to court which landed her 3 years in the County’s correctional facility for women.

Ever since being arrested by police processed and sent to jail he protested his innocence and try to get them to understand that he was not who he look like and was in fact a man.

Which nobody took any notice off.

He was terrified being locked up in a woman’s prison not knowing how to behave around other women.

He was not enjoying all the attention his new female body was attracting especially from his cellmate who was constantly trying to get into his knickers.

He said to his cellmate can we not discuss my ex-girlfriend’s vagina as they enjoyed another “fine prison breakfast”.

Rebecca his cell mate just said you’re not still going on about being a man trapped in a woman’s body if you carry on like that they’re going to lock you up in the psych ward and you will never get out of here so you better stop pretending as she placed one hand on his knee & said I can make prison a lot more bearable for you if you just let me.

Which got him thinking as he did have 3 years in front of him.


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