It could have been worse.

Sam just stood there and stared at his reflection in the mirror.

He still could not get used to getting up in the morning and seeing the face of the old woman he had become.

He was now a 45 year old woman and he had to admit to himself that for her age she had kept her body in very good shape and for an older woman she was very attractive.

But that did not stop him from missing his old genda or stop him from missing the nights he used to go chasing tail.

Now he was considered a cougar when he went hanging around the bars looking for a bit of action as this woman’s body despite its age was very much still sexually active so much so that he could not keep it under control himself despite many long nights with her vibrating friend.

But thankfully for him there were a lot of young men out there looking for older women and he had no trouble in picking them up to help him satisfy his new desires.

Even if he was jealous of their young strapping male bodies that just reminded him of what he had lost.


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