Intimacy and Jealousy

Jason’s wife Wendy was always jealous of our special relationship. Jason and I had been best friends since we were teenagers, and were closer than most brothers. We had so much in common, from the games we likes to the movies we watched to the kinds of porno we enjoyed. I didn’t mind when Jason started dating Wendy and spent less time hanging out with me, it was sad but that was just the way things went. Besides we still did hang out plenty.

Apparently Wendy was jealous of our relationship. One day she invited me over `to talk’ and admitted she wasn’t comfortable with my intimacy with Jason. She told me she wasn’t comfortable with Jason having a male friend who had such an intimate relationship with him. I told her she didn’t need to worry, that neither of us were gay, and she replied that sex was just a part of intimacy, not all of it. Then she gave me a choice, either be transformed into a woman and become her sister-wife to Jason or stop hanging out with him completely.

I laughed, but then she started chanting and suddenly I was a busty brunette chick! She told me she didn’t have all day and I had to make up my mind.

I chose Jason of course. Outside of him I didn’t really have any other friends, and the thought of being so along sounded worse than anything else. When Jason came home Wendy explained who I was and our new relationship began. It really worked out well for everyone actually.

Jason got a second and much kinkier mistress, me. We both had loved watching chicks get cum on, now Jason squirts all over me at least once a day. I love being on the receiving end more than I used to enjoy watching it.

Wendy gets to avoid being pressured for sex by Jason on a daily basis. Additionally we’ve decided since she’s so career oriented, when it comes time for kids I’ll be the one who get’s knocked up.

And of course, I get Jason and a life of comfort, ease, sex, and love. I don’t need to work since Jason and Wendy make so much money, so I try to contribute by keeping house. I’ve even grown more intimate with Wendy, both physically and emotionally. She’s been pushing me to go off birth control so we can start our family. I’m nervous about it, but looking forward to it. I’m going to have to start letting Jason finish in my pussy more.

Oh, the sacrifices I’ve made for him!


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