Stupid Bet

“Come on you lost the bet.” my friend Kyle said.

“I didn’t think you’d take it seriously.” I brushed my hair behind my head “Alright fine…take it out.”

I used to be a popular running back on my high school football team but after I was diagnosed with Second Puberty and started turning into a girl I had to give it up. Since I was such a staple on the team I figured they’d suck once I was gone and stupidly made a bet with my friend and the team’s back up running back Kyle that if he could break the number of touchdowns I scored last season I’d blow him. I was joking, he apparently was not.

“Shit…” I looked at his hard cock twitching a bit.

“Hurry up and start already.” he complained.

“This is gonna be my first one.” I said stroking it a bit “I gotta prepare myself.”

I took a deep breath and moved forward, taking the cock into my mouth. It felt weird to have this sausage size appendage in my throat, I just bobbed my head and ran my tongue around it.

“Ohh fuck.” Kyle moaned “That’s good…suck my cock.”

“MMM!” I moaned pushing more into my throat as I teases the base with my fingers “GURK!”

I gagged a bit going to deep and had to pull back for a second before going in for more. I looked up and Kyle to see the look of pleasure on his face and I knew I was on the right track.

“Shit…I so close, don’t edge just finish me.” he begged.

“What was that.” I smirked stroking him and aiming his dick at my face “You wanna cum all over me?”

“HHAAA!! UGH!!!” he groaned.

“AAHH!” I gasped as ropes of cum shot out and blasted my face, the salty fluid slowly flowing down my cheeks and eyes.

“MMM.” I licked my lips and tasted the semen on my face “I kinda like it…maybe I should make bets more often.”


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