Inspecting The Goods(Part One of Two)

“Whaaaaat did you do to me!?” Anya screamed. Mr. Deblanc knew that she was going to be pissed. He’d been instructed on this eventuality. “Mr. Brooks warned you, ma’m. He told you to stay away from his daughter. You wouldn’t listen. Now you have to stay away. Don’t be so upset. You’ll have a good life here. Mr. Brooks is paying your living expenses. You’ll be okay.”

“But….” Anya started, cupping her new breasts. Mr. Deblanc held up a finger. “Wait….Look”

Anya turned first one way and then another, hands on hips to get a better look at her figure. “Well….I guess I don’t look too bad…..” she said.

Mr. Deblanc smiled to himself. The mental changes were beginning…..


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