In Scarlett’s Skin

Ethan was an avid movie fan. He was even known at his high school to ditch class to see a movie that was out. He’d especially ditch if any movie had his celebrity crush, Scarlett Johansson.
One morning when Ethan was walking to his school, he found a rusty copper token in the streets. As he walked, he secretly thought about his celebrity crush Scarlet as always. ” I wish I could know what it’s like to be a celebrity as big as Scarlett Johansson” he said.
The rest of the day went normal but the next morning, he found himself in a strange room lying on a strange bed. As he tried to get up, he noticed his chest now carried the burden of two plump breasts. He stripped himself from his bed robes slowly feeling his new body, confused why he grew breasts over night. He found a mirror and jumped when he found out whose body greeted him : Scarlett Johansson
“This is fucking crazy,” Ethan said, “how did I even become her? ” Then he remembered the token he grabbed yesterday and his wish that he told himself “That token must have done this, but how?”
All his questions would soon slip out of his mind as he felt his new vagina, creating a tingling sensation all over his body. He lied back on the bed and played with his new body.


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