First Day of the Rest of my Life

“Oh god……”

Last night, I fell asleep just like I would on any other Wednesday – alone and one-hundred percent male – but this morning when I woke up, I was anything but!

As the last fogginess of my hazy dreams faded away I felt….different. For starters, my face was draped by wavy locks of soft dark-brown hair. I hesitated, unable to think of any possible explanation, but as soon as I sat up in the bed and peered down I gasped. I front of me were two beautifully shaped breasts. And they were mine. How? Those naked perfectly shaped orbs were on MY chest. The nipples, a soft pink of youthful innocence, stood erect. They began bouncing erotically as my breath staggered with a sudden and insatiable sensuality. I bite my lip and began exploring my smooth curves, from my breasts down the hour-glass arc to my graciously sized hips. My now rounded ass moved like goddess’s.

I am a women.

A primal sexuality begins boiling. I softly moan as I massage my perfect chest with my left hand, my right creeps down my hairless stomach, longing to fill an emptiness between my legs. I need it…but what –
Suddenly, as if he had been waiting and reading my thoughts, the naked, tanned body of a perfectly chiseled man walks into the bedroom.

“What’s wrong, babe?” he says, his pecs glistened from a morning shower. I look down at his hard cock that followed his washboard abs and suddenly know what I need.

“Fuck me,” I say in a voice that sounded just as mysterious as it did familiar, oozing a sweet lustful desire….

Without a word he strides over to the bed in two masculine steps, grabbing my hips and flipping me over in one swift motion. He pulls me toward the side of the bed where he is standing before I truly realize what was about to happen. I close my eyes in a final moment of fear as the last remnants of my old life flicker away. But with a solid grip on my firm ass, and another hand holding the end of one of my flawless legs, he pushes his rock-hard cock deep inside me, through the wet lips of my womanhood. A lightning storm of ecstasy erupts throughout my whole body, unlocking ethereal pleasures I could never had experienced before. My eyes shot open in pure astonishment my mouth agape in breathless bliss.

“Just how you like it,” he says as his hips continue to pound the base of my ass as his cock filled every inch of me, each time I soar to new heavenly heights as I lose all sense of time and place.

I begin moaning uncontrollably , my hand gripping tight the bed sheet in front of me with unfathomable passion. I can barely breath, “Oh…..fuck…yesss…..” In front of me I see a mirror with the reflection of a starkly beautiful brunette, her hair cascading over her tan shoulders, her sexy fashion-model face in the expression of absolute elation, her shapely ass longingly lifted and waiting in anticipation for the next trust of the hips behind her.

“Oh god….. OOOohhhhhh! Please keep fucking me!!!” I scream.

I only hoped that this new life started every morning in just the same way.


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