Michael spent a lot of time lately thinking about perfection. When he first came across the device, his imagination was limited. A machine that could change him into any form he could think of? He started with celebrities. He could be George Clooney! Any woman would kill to be with him! But it only took a few minutes for him to realize he could never leave the house like that. So he searched the internet for the name of a male model. The results were great! He was anonymous but very attractive. But after a few weeks of one night stands with women he picked up in bars he began to get bored. Sure they were more attractive than the women he would usually interact with but they could never be perfect… unlike him. The first time was a whim. Sarah, his latest conquest, had just left his apartment and as he watched her leave he thought: what would she look like with a bigger ass? He could find out! He ran to where he hid the device and began to summon up the image in his mind of a completely stacked Sarah. A burst of light and a split second later he stood, looking down at Sarah’s bare legs, past her small but well-formed rack. He gasped and ran to the bedroom mirror, his hands squeezing his huge new butt. He couldn’t look away. He was only shook out of his trance minutes later when a single bead of watery female cum tickled the inside of his upper thigh, working its way slowly down his tanned leg. He reached down and stopped it, then brought the finger to his lips. As he watched the girl in the mirror greedily lick her own juices off her finger, the familiar taste announced to him his new mission: he would find the perfect woman. And he would become her.


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