In my sister’s body

Oooh! Oh God! Here comes another one. Ahh, yes!

I can’t believe it I’ve been at this for hours and I’m still so fucking horny I can hardly think. My sister is going to be furious I should be using her laptop to research a way to reverse the body swap spell that switched us instead of watching porn and fingering myself to yet another orgasm.

Well she should have thought before she started messing around with magic online. Now she’s stuck taking my English exam for me while I get to stay alone with her hot body and her broadband. Shit just thinking about it is getting me wet again, I don’t know if it’s a side effect of the spell or if she is just a nympho but her body feels so good and her browser history is full of such wonderfully naughty stuff that I haven’t been able to stop touching myself for more than a couple of minutes.

Ahh, to hell with it we can always switch back tomorrow and my “little brother” will just have to put up with having a penis for a bit longer. I’m going to have a shower and see if I can find her stash of toys, I bet she’s got some nice big dildos hidden away around here, can’t wait to find out how it feels to have one in me.


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