Drink Special

“What’s in it?” The man asked her, it was a normal question after all.

But Nikki was definitely going to keep the contents of the mystery beverage to herself, at least for now. She gave the customer a sly grim from behind the bar. “Just a little something I cooked up for my last night. Go ahead,” she poured a full glass, “This one’s on the house.”

The man was quick to snatch up the drink. “Fuck yeah,” he smiled and took a deep gulp of the amber liquid.

Nikki felt pleased, she had claimed her first victim of the night. She had spent months working at this club, night at the night behind the bar being ogled and objectified by her clientele. And hell, Nikki couldn’t blame them, she took great pride in her tight, perfect body. If she were in their position, she wouldn’t hesitate to try and make a move too.

And that’s just what she was hoping to achieve as a “going away present,” per se. Nothing a little which-craft couldn’t handle. With her expertise as a sorceress, Nikki never hesitated to conjure up a little magic to have some fun… and tonight was sure to be no exception.

As the man at the bar neared the bottom of his drink, the change had already taken place. His body had transformed into the slim, fit figure that matched Nikki’s in every detail, even morphing the clothes to match her tight orange top. His hair had become long and black, his face slim and feminine. His breasts, too, now ballooned out from his chest as twins to Nikki’s own amazing pair.

And she stood back and watched from behind the bar, not entirely surprised by the potion’s effect but still in awe at her own beauty. When he finished, the man — or, woman now — lowered the empty glass and gave Nikki a sultry wink. “Thanks babe,” the other Nikki said, turning to head back out onto the dance floor.

Nikki smiled again. Clearly the potion had taken full effect, the man’s mind had transformed into a double of Nikki’s as well. It was a powerful potion indeed, and as the new Nikki clone walked away from the bar, the original couldn’t help but admire the double’s tight body. She had always been conceited, and probably a little bit gay for herself, but tonight was the first time she would have the chance to test out that theory.

And so more and more, she poured up her concoction for the partygoers. Men and women alike came up to the bar to get their free serving of Nikki juice, and sure enough one after one left the bar transformed utterly into an exact copy of the buxom bartender. Before long, out on the dance floor were dozens of her, all equally sexy and flaunting their bodies to the fullest. Several pairs were grinding up against each other in time with the music, and a few others had found dark corners to begin feeling each other up and making out.

As the night went on, once the entire club had morphed, Nikki asked a few of her clones to work behind the bar so she could experience the party for herself. It was so surreal, wandering through an ocean of men and women that looked and behaved exactly like her. She was in heaven.


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