In horror.

Scott was almost sick when he found himself in a woman’s body with a man’s cock in his mouth as he felt the man shoot his load which now dripped down the corners of his new pretty mouth.

He stared up in horror at the smug look on the man’s face and then at the semi erect penis dripping com and then down to his own body the two breasts on his chest and the pussy that was now between his legs that was dripping wet in horror.

He had no idea how he had become a woman.

He could not understand a word the man was saying.

He had no idea he was just another victim of the great shift.

He had no idea that he was now in this man’s girlfriend’s body or that he was now in Osaka Japan and it would be many months before he got back to the United Kingdom.

Which meant struggling with a new body in a strange country with a strange culture and trying to come to terms with the horror of what had happened to him the night he landed in this body.


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