If you were a girl…

You reach down and touch yourself, your pussy tingling, still sore from the cock that had been pounding it twenty minutes ago. You look down past your new perky tits and see the mans cum splattered across your belly, little cool spots that seemed to catch the breeze and your skin and make you shiver. For all the orgasms you’ve had today, you are still horny. Absentmindedly you start to masturbate. Who had you fucked today? You tried to think back and fantasize about each one. There was Brian from BIO 231, you recall how delicate he was, your first time. Then there was Tyler from HUM 445, you recall how frantic he was, his frenzied humping driving you to two orgasms in less than fifteen minutes. Then there was Peter from PHIL 104, he’d had the biggest cock you’d ever seen and GOD how it stretched you to the limit. Then there was Ben and Mark from SOC 233, they’d spit roasted you, the feeling of a cock sliding down your throat while another pounded you from behind had been truly awesome. Then there was Charlie from the dorm room down the hall. Your pussy had been so sore when he fucked you, the mixture of pain and pleasure had been out of this world.

All because you casually told Cassie that she didn’t know what it was like to be a horny guy, on the prowl for pussy. Because you told her that if you were a girl you’d get laid all the time. That she was a witch was a bit of a surprise, and when she turned you into a woman that had been an even bigger surprise. You’d been angry, confused, and a little scared. Now though… Now you’d have to track Cassie down and thank her.


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