I don’t want to be a girl

Please Mum, I’m sorry, don’t send me to school like this, please change me back, I’ll do anything.

It’s too late for that now, I warned you if I ever found you wearing your sister’s clothes again I would fix the problem myself.
Now, don’t worry, I’ve rung the school and told them all about how you wanted to be a girl and they said that they’d make an announcement in today’s assembly about your sex change and that your name is now going to be Tina.

NO…please turn me back I don’t want to be a girl I want to be a boy.

I told you there is no going back , this is permanent, so you’ll just have to get used to it. There is no shame in being female, just try and think of all those pretty dresses you’ll be able to wear now and you won’t have to worry about tucking your little penis away or padding out your bra. Thinking of that we’ll going shopping this weekend and buy you some underwear of your own I think your boobs are bigger than your sisters so you won’t be able to borrow her bras anymore and I still don’t think she want you wearing her knickers.
Now, you be a good girl at school today, remember you use the girls’ toilets from now on and don’t forget to wipe yourself after you pee. Remember you’re wearing a skirt so make sure to keep your knees together when you sit down we don’t what the boys seeing your new girl parts do we? We’ll talk about your period when you get home tonight and if you’d rather pads or tampons.


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